Poem — Thunder and Dreams

Dirty words are that title of merit
When you send one word to next

A slight spark can send one shiver
it was worth saving your words darling

Im used to waiting until they would matter
But when they did, it only happened quicker

It was worth the taste of ash
and the crack of war’s whip

We were taught this for a long while
As children we saw towers topple

And ever since we turned on the news
Something bad was sure to happen ever since

Now as we scroll on the internet
we laugh at first, then we snicker

then what was left of laughter turns
into the bitter sorrow of youth

Humankind has done worser things
to deserve such misery and horror

It never lost its vile magic over blood
nor its burning desire to see it spill

The death of children is enough
to make one scream into your pillow

A war may start over that thought
It has happened before, it is a constant

Lets hope we don’t see death
become the only reason for living or killing

We may lose this one yet
but the thunder of war will never leave

We have nothing to gain but everything to lose
But at last, thats never been far from human thought


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