Poem — Rain Drops Dripping


I Can Still Hear the Rain Drops Dripping
As morning dew drops on scented leaves
caught in lives still stuck in memories webs
and the mind I still hold, still splitting through.
And your eyes as clouds, beheld and true
pouring the drips across my cheeks
As it ripens, wet and warm, as it weaves softly in foggy visions
And I lie naked, with the cold ice forging
The water pasts over my head
and I want you here again sleeping
sleeping again, here with me
in the dark corners away from god and all
With earthly beauty, still with me forever more
and I lost my way, as we stopped sleeping
sleeping together as we did before
The grass is softly touched by frozen water
The field’s green stretches out into white mist
My breath frozen into air colder than ever
Blistered cold sifting through
and the drops of your bare skin
your lips heated away in Fontainebleau
and your heart beats with drops on the tin
Saying that all is okay, I am staying with you
I Can Still Hear the Rain Drops Dripping
Across the tainted windows slipping
And tapping softly on the roofs of tin
Feeling the cold water upon my skin Down my cheek, with cold and hot
Of my tears blue and sky shot
With drops along my neck
With salt and sunset glistening along the bottleneck
And I think of you, now away stripping
And singing away, as i stand still with the rain drops dripping
If away you sing, calling for none but me
With a siren call and a stinging kiss
And the heat slowly simmering away
And with my beating heart, slowly listening
waiting for that stillborn heart
flown away from here, by fears both yours and mine
freezing the ground still only slightly heated
by you, and my feelings floating
So only as you are far away
still running from the rain drop’s dew
and you hear me calling, only softly Recall to you of the times we lost
Of the bare bodies we used to own
before they dripped and shed
like the rain drops above my head
If you can hear the rain drops
as clearly as though a fresh storm
and still hear them dripping down
and hear my call for you
Then here I will lie and sit and stare and sigh
only here, where I can hear those rain drops die



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