Poem — Midnight and Worry

Midnight and worry go hand in hand
When you cannot sleep nor reason
All the hells of the world find a home
on your cold and shivering shoulders

Your lack of clothing permits a shiver
the mind is confused about your terror
Even if the world would fall into your lap
The anger of impotence would be your trap

Do not worry though, it is not your problem
We will teach you to simper into squabble
No problems come from a lack of knowledge
Than the blue “F” telling you what to acknowledge

Something tells me that we need to talk
We seemed to have forgotten the war of Iraq
Shocked as we pretend, or think we are
Of the atom bomb, we still shall thank the neutron star

Death, as a concept, will never be far
when that flash of lighting or shooting star
Lights the darkness and holds it hostage
It may help, perhaps, clear your mental bondage.

Writers of old, when writing in shorthand
Or musicians performing Vivaldi and his seasons
Would take the night, let the minds roam
Darkness, after all, can be bliss for a minds shelter.



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