Poem — Dear Leonardo

Dear Leonardo

You were born in the wrong age
Your talents were misused, abused
And, for all of your inner beauties
You created beautiful drawings of terrible machines.

In this age you would not have been
As beloved as you are, as beautiful as you were.

You would have met an Italy still stuck in It’s ways, not controlled by a humanist cause

But by the horrors of church and state
That never left its political conscience.

You would think it worse than it was
More than likely you would shudder
At the soul shackling nature of modern technology, its troubles worse than its heartbreak.

It is worse when technology is at human whims.

Humans are not designed correctly, not manufactured intelligently, though we learn
Through the grinding stones of our technology the seeds of our discontent.

We may learn to better ourselves

Or teach each other that love is sacred
Regardless of circumstance or even sex.

We can thank technology for the wonder of acceptance, thank god for that.

Without such marvels we would be lost in ourselves, not knowing which way is up or down, but we build now lights out of plastic

We have learned much since yonder days of hopeless fancy.

And so, we should hope In days of modern alienation To look back at a minds modernity and freedom of thinking clearly yet still learn not to bow, not ever To the power of money, God and nation.

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