Poem — Darkness

All I see is the purple of the sky

And the laden clouds dripping water

To all the dried land and broken fields

But the darkness of drought and death

Oncoming with the drench of darkness;

The Old hitching onto youth

With the issues and problems of their day

Ignoring the cries of the people who

Are telling them that the world is losing its light:

“We are as we were built, and as we were”

But the young do tend to ask:

“But you were there when the darkness became noon”

“We are as we were” they say

And a straight answer is never provided.

Our generation grew up with 9/11

The resulting fear stifling us

And tearing beauty from it’s pedestal

Though, we soon found out, it never existed.

Terror fell from the darkened skies

Even as we see the darkening sky

And question amongst eachother

Why we learned to fear before we learn

It becomes clear that all we had

Was the drought laden lands

And the storms of our parents

Who left a desert to us

Commanding us to pretend

As if it were paradise.

Our land is the land of horror

And the terror of what we were told

Even when darkness holds us hostage

And we demand answers, we will always be told:

“We were as we were built, it is what we were taught”

This is why, I think, we are built in darkness.

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