Poem — November 15, 2017 (rewrite)

Today my best friend told me

That he would be my best man

When love would finally be free

And not be lessened

by all others that came before

When the veils of love blossomed

Like a sunrise singing over the horizon


We danced in the streets again

water and sweat drenched off of our

bare bodies, now waking to a better dawn

In this sticky, tropical heat

we were celebrating our lost loves

that were all but judged


When our country left us to the dogs

we screamed back, “we are loved”

Which no postal opinion could barge

Here we were, dancing in tropical stench

Too happy to ever care, who would judge

In a country we thought, had preferred our pain


We could now love, without sin

Or thought, with what others would do or say

To our lost brothers and sisters

Who never loved the one they wished

or married in a lovers bliss

We love and drink to you as resistors

of anger and hatred, lover’s fighters

You are in our heart’s, however much

it hurts to talk, about the young lovers

Now lost to barking hate, we drink to you

Our brothers and sisters lost

Lost to the sorrow of hatreds prime.

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