Poem — What do people say?

Some people say

I should learn to think

Before I speak

Even though

My thoughts and actions

Left better unsaid

Are worth consulting

And thinking through;

Not something desirable

For one who is drunk

Or even high

Especially when

We learned to keep quiet

For longer that we care

To admit, or even

Care to contemplate.

So in saying all of this

I may sound a tad presumptuous

Or just impartially rude, but I should think:

Anything worth doing is, at least, worth saying first.

Never make the mistake

Of confusing boredom and fear

It is a little too silly darling

To think such a thing worthwhile.

Do keep in touch though

We may have something yet

To say, but do not push it too far.

Life is as strange enough as it is

With the death of good speech

I would think even thought

A capricious enough hobby.

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