Poem — I Live In A Strange Town

I Do Live in a very strange town
Where rain blossoms before the sun
And only when you wake will it shine
Or the town greet you in hollow speech
As the rain patters gently, will I
Take my pills, and sleep gently
When the cold house sinks
with the rest of this cold town
I thought that all that was here was anger
And that I would leave a cold crater
Or the sun will never shine brighter
But this strange town can surprise you
When the beauty of the rain finds its way
down the window,
it’s shutters and verandahs

I can find my own way,
with a camera in my hand
And through a viewfinder
hopefully find some sense
In this strange littler town
I Live in a Strange Town
Where birds circle overhead
tired of chips, scraps and litter
Feeding of the people
Who are tired of their own scraps and litter
Of lost people and discarded feelings
When I find the people of the strange town
although I don’t know how to talk to them
they can smile, and see me for who I am
And I can love them for it

I do live in a very strange town
With broken people and shattered bottles
of beer, poured away over a dead land
it is all black and white
no hint of grey
but the sky itself
which looks over us in it’s own way
But this town, which I call mine
Where all shades will cover my eyes
I hold a rainbow in my heart
And on my sleeve
And I shall hold love deeper
Because of this strange town
That still holds it’s wonders
in my heart

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