Poem — Say Something

I would have to say, I am a man
Frightened by what is said, and what isn’t
I would like to know, what is safely buried
and what is loved as something normal
Or if someone could tell me, in a roundabout way
If there where ever something to fear
Especially, when the sirens in my head wail
If it may not be better to wait, and hear the first siren call
For it certainly is strange, to call myself a man
I just listened to a song, telling me what it means
Although the start night may make it seem romantic
or if the moon above makes it seem more important
Are these feelings writhing within me,
a proper way to feel
or just another sign of irritating
and combustive abnormality
or seeing a stronger fella, showing me how it works
If someone could just tell me: should I be scared?
Or perhaps aroused? Especially,
when one removes ones clothes
And is happy to say “I am yours”
even when some nags in the mind
(perhaps it is god this time), telling me, for once, what must be done
It is fairer, I should believe, that this voice should tremble when one learns
to speak ones own mind, and finally say, to the voice someone else placed there
Perhaps it is best, if i speak my on mind on this one, especially if love
should call ones usual practices into question.

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