Poem — Waking Life

Old age is coming
Previous mistakes left alone now come back
Future mishaps lead us to colder roads
We see the tunnel at the end of the light
He was a good person, thats what we thought
But you realise that he is withering,

soaking up the little life that is around him

Skin clenches to the bone
Eyes wrench back in fear
Crevices cut your face
Your anxiety explodes
The carts carry the starved, naked bodies
And through them in the disposal unit
Stenching up the atmosphere with cruel neglect
Old age is coming

Honey rose cheeks
turn to crunched battlefields
Life glints in the eyes
to be replaced with the void
the void we hoped never to see
Loving family
wants you dead
Your body, it wants you dead too
Your life, it becomes elegy
Eulogy, becomes distant thought
Families, tired of this withered old shit
Finally leaving a world he never fancied
A former life, stuck in the world

of sad wars, forgotten holocausts, and singers of misery
God never promised a good life, only a half decent after life
You are remembered as a labyrinthine life, buried under carcasses of lies, of fools, of cruelty and of emotional turmoil
Darkness, your lord, and your leader
A follower, to be followed by you
And when hellfire saves your mistakes and remembers your folies
Congratulate them, for at least you are remembered for something
No one had promised you to remember your life
That decision was yours to make
Powers that be, said that love was a miscarriage of chance
a poorly directed play
written by a hack
but acted brilliantly
Your story is nonsense, a bland, unfocused, delusional gangrene infection
Your story lacks focus, lacks talent, lacks zeal
But, under all of this, it was your life, and it is now my life
Your life, and my life, both uncivilised and unfocused
Lead to this final destination
A relief, some may say
One final dip in that one great adventure
as your life, was your life to live
as my life, is mine as well
Go gently, go sparingly, go rapturous, go blazing, go quietly, go loudly, go fighting, and go on to do so
As its my life to live, and yours as well
And so please, remember the word, of that wondrous Karina star
As she showed her life
Vivre Sa Vie, Vivre Sa Vie, Vivre Sa Vie

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