Poem — November 15th, 2017

Today, my best friend told me

that he would be my best man

When me and my love would be free

Where we would not be less than

All others who came before

When the veils of love blossomed.


And like a sunrise singing

we danced into the streets, the rain

glistening with our hot sweat and tears

in that tropical heat we were beautiful

regardless of who said what

And the band played with a rainbow flag.


We danced into the rain

Our bodies bared, our love now judged

Our country left us naked to judgement

But we won a small victory today

Less it be, a country who preferred our pain.


Though here we were, here to stay

Our flags waved proud clear to see

Our bodies ready to love once again

A country that was ready to forget us

And through destiny’s eyes now singing.


To our lost brothers and sisters

Who never loved the one they wished

or married in a lovers bliss

We love and drink to you as resistors

of anger and hatred, lover’s fighters.


You are in our heart’s, however much

it hurts to talk, about the young lovers

Now lost to ignorant hate, we drink to you

Our brothers and sisters lost

Lost to the sorrow of hatreds prime.

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